Sunday, October 26, 2008

my new fave ingredient

i use lots of chicken broth at my house - and it gets expensive. plus, i don't always have it on hand, so i end up trying to substitute a bouillon cube, which is usually too salty and fake tasting.

my friends (LOL - total mccain reference), i have found a product i love and i want to share it with you. if you've already heard of it, you are in BIG TROUBLE because you didn't tell me about it!!

it's called better than bouillon. here's what is totally awesome about it, in no particular order: it's organic; it's relatively inexpensive; it's lower in salt than the bouillon cubes and it's very easy to use. i'll probably never go back to chicken broth, because of how easy this is to use.

i found this at walmart for about $3.89, i believe, but i found it online in several locations, including here's why it's cheaper: it's equal to almost 21 cans of regular chicken broth. now i always buy that on sale, but normal swanson broth is almost $1 a can regular price. i have purchased the cartons of chicken broth, too, as they are much cheaper than the cans, but this is STILL cheaper than those.

it needs to be stored in the fridge after opening, but i am always going to have this on hand. it's one of my must-have pantry items. for you vegetarians, they have a vegetable broth, as well as several other flavors.

keep in mind, this is still a bouillon, so you may need to lower the amount of salt you would normally use. homemade chicken broth is always going to be better than this, but who has time for that? NOT ME. you can also adjust the amount you use to get the flavor "just right," but this stuff is seriously convenient and amazing.


DEBBIE said...

It looks "wet" is it wet?

jess said...

yes, it is. it's kind of like a paste...

annikab said...

I have used something similar to this but it wasn't this brand. I don't know where I got it from either and I have never seen it again. Thanks I will try this one!!

Connie said...

Jess...I knew about this stuff and I didn't tell you.

{hangs head in shame}

I have the chicken, beef and veggie in my fridge. It rocks!