Sunday, October 12, 2008

no measurements

one of the most important things i do as a mom is feed my family. i think my family is lucky because i LOVE to cook. my house might be messy and the laundry is never folded, but dammit, something smells good in the kitchen.

i love to read cookbooks. i subscribe to taste of home magazine. i DVR shows on the food network. the day we got HD tv, i said to my husband, "HONEY! we have FOOD NETWORK IN HD!!!" i don't think he fully understood HOW EXCITING that was to me!!

cookbooks make fabulous wedding gifts. a few of my favorites include the better homes and gardens cookbook, the taste of home cookbook, and the fannie farmer cookbook. i often use all three of these books for guidance in the kitchen.

there are a couple of things i want to accomplish with this blog:
1. i want to share my love of cooking and my favorite recipes with you.
2. i want to preserve the recipes i make for my family so that my kids might enjoy them when they are older.
3. i want you to share your recipes with me. i'm always looking for something new to try.

i'm not afraid to try a new recipe - and while i'm disappointed when a recipe fails, (oh and they DO sometimes. miserably...) i'm excited for the challenge to tweak the recipe and see if i can fix it. one thing you should know about cooking is that for the most part, no one will die if you mess something up. **disclaimer** this does not apply to undercooking meat, feeding someone a food they are allergic to, or adding arsenic (or any other poison, for that matter) to your food.** what i'm trying to say is that even if a recipe seems hard, you should try it if you really want to make it. i'm often surprised at the number of people who say they don't know how to cook. how is that possible? if you can read, you can cook. kind of. :)

so. that's why i'm here. comment or not. i'll be posting a recipe success - and a failure - in the next few days.

p.s. while you are here, take my poll.

p.p.s i'm still working out some kinks. i know there are some issues. i'm working on them...


Stacey Irwin said...

The exact same reason I started one. Mainly to help other moms out there & To remember the crap I make. And possible doing a blurb book when I have enough entrees. That way I can give copy's to my kids when the get old of all the crap I made them eat! hee hee.

Bridge said...

I totally added you to my bloglines. HAHAHA. Now I can stalk you here!

Chana said...

I'm pretty excited for this blog! I'll definitely be chiming in and stealing recipes!

jess said...

yay! people read my blog!

stace - u r the coolest.

bridge - STALKER

chana - i'm sure i'll run out of ideas in like, two weeks. crap.

The Over-Thinker said...

DUDE!! This is SO great!! I'm totally ripping off your recipes. Yeah, and I'm going to say I came up with them. Yeah, I'm an awesome reader.