Thursday, November 6, 2008

cookbook giveaway OR shameless self promotion: you decide!

ladies and gentlemen, pay your attention to the center ring! i'm giving away a cookbook!

here's why you want it: it's got more than 400 recipes. i was an editor of this cookbook. thirty six hours of my LIFE were spent typing, editing and proofreading this cookbook. and i'm sure i missed something, somewhere.

i can't take all the credit. it's a fundraiser for my kids' school PTA. several members on the board put tons of work into this cookbook. kids submitted the recipes and each class had a contest to see who could bring the most recipes. my kids fought over which recipes would have THEIR name on them. so they made deals with each other. (you can have THIS one if i can have THAT one...)

here's the deal: i'd really like you to PURCHASE one (or more) of these. however, i realize that's just lame and you probably won't do that. but if you want to, leave a comment and i'll totally get you an order form. tee hee. they are $10 and all proceeds benefit our PTA. none of us are getting paid. like i said, there are more than 400 recipes, and it's professionally printed and bound. it also has the typical cookbook pages that outline measurements and ingredient substitutions, etc. they will make a fabulous gift to the person in your life who loves to cook.

HERE'S THE PART YOU ARE WAITING FOR!! i am giving away ONE of these lovely cookbooks to YOU, my readers. all you have to do is leave a comment and tell me one or two of the best things your mom made for you as a kid. it can be ANYTHING you want. it can also be a favorite food memory or whatever. invite your friends. if i get enough entries, i might give away TWO books.

so now. you. reader. enter. and may the best woman (or man) win. i'll pick the winner using a random number generator and post the results soon.

deadline: friday, november 14 at MIDNIGHT, UTAH STANDARD TIME. (which means about 12:15 a.m. or so, give or take a few minutes...)


Erin said...

Well, my birthday IS November 13, so this would make an excellent belated birthday gift.

My favorite food growing up was beef stroganoff. It's what I asked for every year for my birthday. I also liked Kraft macaroni and cheese, but now that I have realized that in reality it is disgusting, I much prefer homemade mac & cheese. YUM!

Bridge said...

My mothers crepes! Admit it, they were YOUR favorite too. Actually almost anything cooked by mom was delicious. Why can I not cook like her?


Anyways, the funniest food story I have is when we were all sitting at my table when a Long John Silver commercial came on. Either you or Al said, "Long Dong Silver." I suddenly shot chicken noodle soup out of my nose. Thanks again btw. Did you know that hurts?

Misty Fowler said...

Mom didn't cook much, but when she did, I always wanted the Chicken and Dumplings. It's the one thing that I still can't, even with much practice, make as good as she did!

Connie said...

I want one of these cookbooks....if I don't win one, I would totally buy one.

The only memories I have of my Mom cooking growing up is having a roast every single Sunday night and hearing the tick tock of the 60 Minutes show in the background. Everytime I hear that opening...I think of Sunday Roasts.

I also didn't know there were any other vegetables other than peas and carrots until I left home.

ShannanB aka Mommy Bits said...

What a great idea. I may have to borrow it (steal it) for my PTA.

My favorite food related childhood memory is my mom making Chicken Fried Chicken, Mashed potatoes and corn. It was my favorite meal. Anytime we had a special dinner it was what she would make.


Doggy Lover said...

If I don't win, I'll buy a dang book, dangit.

My mom loves to bake, and growing up, she'd always have something like cookies or brownies that we could eat when we got home from school. I know that sounds ultra domestic, but it was the BEST!

My two favorites were/are her pumpkin pie and her rolls.

Jessica said...

Oh nice. Somehow "doggy lover" a.k.a. my babysitter was on blogger and I commented under her ID. ARGH!! So this is me, Jess, and if "doggy lover" wins, well, she is 15 and why would she want to cook anyway?!!

For the love!

Nan said...

The all time favorite food my mom made growing up was home-made biscuits and sausage gravy. It was THE BEST comfort food. Sometimes we had it for breakfast and sometimes we had it for dinner. We didn't have it often, but when we did, OH BOY! Bisquick was a staple at our house!

Marianne said...

Sweet! Pick me, pick me!

I'm coming to realize that you are a serious jack of all trades...what DON'T you do?

My favorite meal growing up was Sunday dinner. Roast beef, mashed potatoes, veggies, rolls...YUM! Another obscure favorite was "Sausage Noodle Bake". Uh...not quite sure what was even in that, but I liked it. Haven't thought about it for at least two decades! :o)

And okay, okay, I'll buy one if I don't win.

But I'd better win.


annikab said...

I LOVED LOVED LOVED my moms fried chicken and mashed potatoes and white gravey made from the chicken bits in the pan. I want some now!!

Stacey Irwin said...

You know, I can't think of many things my mom didn't make that weren't to die for. She cooked for love and it showed. My all time favorites were breakfast scones. And my favorite desserts from her were stawberry&creamcheese pie( with homegrown strawberries of course) and fruit pizza.. Everyone(& which ever friend that tagged along) came home for dinner.No matter what she made.She was great at all seasonal cooking.

I will take a book, if I don't win .Just tell me where to send the check to.( It sucks I live this far away really.)And of course I'll cover the shipping.

The Over-Thinker said...

My mom made the best batter! For brownies, cakes, donuts, etc. See? She and I never actually baked any of it off---but I can totally remember the batters......MMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

when i was sick my mom would always make sugar doughnuts for me... and when she made pie she would always make "moons" [pie crust cut in crescent moon shape] i still make them, but i'm too lazy to do the crescent shape, mine are just rectangles.

Brenda said...

Hey Jess, if I don't win, but I will win, I would love to purchase one of your PTA cookbooks! Those home-town cookbooks are ALWAYS the best! I am also going to send you a bread recipe, a suck up gift!!

Growing up we were really poor. I mean POOR! My mom wasn't a good cook... to make matters worse my dad was a meat and potato kind of guy... so I ate a lot of dry roasts. Anyway, on the nights that my dad wasn't home and in the many years after he left, we ate a lot of macaroni and tomato juice. Sometimes mom would throw in some burger and/or corn. But we lived on the stuff!! Sometimes mom would make homemade bread or scones to go with it... those were the best dinners!! Nothing like deep fat fryed bread to top off a meal!!

Care said...

Hmmmm... Since my mother was a single, working mom I really didn't get any home cooked meals. It was, you have a hot meal at school and then I had to get my own supper which never happened. I guess that is why I love cooking my family dinner every night and sitting down together to eat.
One food memory I have is when we were Freshman at North Cache and you brought this perfectly baked little pie to school for lunch. I don't know why I never pictured you in the kitchen, but I was very impressed that you had made it and it looked so good. Am I being a big enough kiss a**? ;)

I also would like to have a cookbook even if I don't win. I miss all those wonderful Utah Mormon recipes.