Wednesday, March 18, 2009

lime rickey for a crowd

i don't know how universal the lime rickey is. i think it's called different things in different states and in some places it's made with grape syrup and in others it's made with cherry. basically, it's a carbonated drink with grape or cherry syrup, fresh limes and lemon-lime soda.

i wish i could take the credit for this recipe, but i can't. i got it from a co-worker - a dude, a STRAIGHT dude no less - and it was a giant hit at the luncheon i served after jenna got baptized two weeks ago.

i guarantee if you make this you'll be wildly popular and there will probably be none left over.

lime rickey

*1 2-liter bottle of grape soda (if you can find diet, i'd recommmend it)
*1 12-oz can frozen limeade, thawed

seriously, that is ALL of the ingredients. in a large punchbowl, combine the limeade and the grape soda. don't stir too much or the soda may go flat. this is why it's important that the limeade be thawed first. i like to add ice to the punchbowl and it's even better if you can get crushed ice. did you know you can buy a bag of crushed ice from sonic drive ins? they will sell it to you and it's fairly inexpensive.

this recipe makes about 1/2 gallon and serves 8-12 people. i haven't tried this, but i think it would be good with black cherry soda, too.


Stacey Irwin said...

Lime ricky's??!!... Man, I haven't heard about lime ricky's for a long time. Brings back the memories. awww.
First, Yay to Jenna for her babtism! Jameson is getting done in less then a mo back in Ut! SO excited to go home.

Second.. this looks yummy and easy. My bro ( who is also straight.) makes these but I can't remember how.. I think he used 7up or sprite and grape soda? I don't know.. ode to the endless possibilities right?
I am soo going to try this and introduce Lime Ricky's to IN.( I haven't seen them here, although I'm sure they have'em.)

Connie Weiss said...

I have never heard of LIme Ricky's but I long to be wildly popular so I'm going to make some!

I also have two GAY brother's in law that I'm going to ask about Lime Ricky's. LOL!