Monday, July 6, 2009

sweet tea - jess style

i'm not new to tea. my grandma (grandma great as we called her the last 10 years or so...) loved her herbal tea and i liked to drink it as well. my favorite flavor of hot tea is mint, but i also love lemon ginger (so good when i'm feeling ill) and chai.

two years ago, when i was out in oklahoma for work, i fell in love with sweet tea. sweet tea is different than stirring in some sugar to your iced tea. have you ever noticed you can't get sugar to dissolve in cold iced tea?

a few weeks ago i asked facebook for a good sweet tea recipe. i found out how to make it from some of my friends and i have tweaked the recipe for me...

i make this in an 8 cup tupperware jug. it's delish.

minty sweet tea - jess style

*2 cups water
*2/3 cup sugar (you could use more, i just don't like to.)
*3 green tea bags, mint flavored
*2 lipton tea bags (regular size)
*water to fill the jug (about 6 cups)

mix the first two ingredients together. microwave for 4-5 minutes or until water boils. while you watch the water boil, (don't stand in front of the microwave. i hear that's dangerous) unwrap the tea bags. when the water is boiling, remove it from the microwave and toss the tea bags in. let the tea steep for at least 20 minutes...maybe longer to suit your taste. remove the bags and stir well. add 6 cups cold water and stir. store in fridge, serve over ice. it's good for about 2-3 days, but mine never lasts that long. it's a refreshing summer drink.

p.s. for my mormon pals, i think you could do this with all herbal tea (which ya'll can drink, right?). i would use mint herbal tea. it would be super yummy.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Sun tea is the way to go. Throw it all in a clear covered glass pitcher, and leave it on the porch 'till it's dark enough for you. On a hot summer day, you can add sugar then and it will dissolve just fine. Sweet tea is yum, but there's nothing like sun tea.

jess said...

my grandma used to make sun tea, too! i have a really vivid memory, however, where i accidentally knocked over a big gallon jar of it. the glass sliced open my big toe on the tip and i can still see how red my blood was...and it freaked me out.

sun tea IS good. i'm just usually too impatient.

annikab said...

Sounds so yummy! Thanks for the idea!

Nan said...

Can't wait to try it!