Tuesday, November 18, 2008

i love your blog, too

so my awesome sister gave me this award. my best friend (and blogging criminal pal) brigitte also gave me this award a few weeks back, but i was too lazy to actually do anything with it.

well, today i'm nominating some peeps of my own. i hate doing this kind of thing, because there are SO MANY BLOGS i love. obviously.

i'm sharing the love with my p-farm homies. i have to. i spent ten years of my life there and i met some of the best (and OH EM GEE some of the ABSOLUTE WORST...) people there. i'm still friends with the ones who matter most. and so here i go, with five blogs i love:

1. irresistible irwins: my good pal stacey. i'm so grateful for her friendship. her kids are absolutely beautiful (her two oldest are very close to the same age as my kids) and she makes me laugh. i luff her.

2. fri-yet: kmp is eccentrically funny and she has the FATTEST cat i have EVER seen in my life. pictures do NOTHING for him...you have to see him to believe it.

3. jefe von hefenstein: jeff forgets to blog. often. but he's hilarious. and i bought a happenings book from him so he would keep blogging.

4. lady annika: she is a camper and a fellow dog lover. i think she has more dogs than i do! she also loves to cook and posts awesome recipes from time to time.

5. brenda: psyche! brenda doesn't have a blog, but maybe this will inspire her to WRITE ONE. HELLO, BRENDAAAAAAAAAAA! i had lunch with brenda recently and i love her. she'll kill me for saying this, but she's like an older, wiser, gorgeous big sister. she's been inspirational to me on a million levels.

so there you go. i'm giving you FIVE (well, four) peeps the I LOVE YOUR BLOG award! mwah!!


annikab said...

Aww Jess, thanks and I love your blog too!! I agree with you on the Brenda thing I love her as a sister as well. Maybe if she reads this she will remember that she owes me an appointment for a pedicure.

Anonymous said...

oh gosh, i don't know what to say, there are so many who are more deserving, i would like to thank the little people, my family, the academy, my fat cat, and especially jess just because she is jess! and because she got me off xanga!

Stacey Irwin said...

Aww.. thanks lady!!! How nice is that. I like your blog too!( which is why I stalk you on a regular basis.)
Oh P-farm.. How I never want to see you again.. But will remember you with some affection...( please don't make me go back there affection.)

Anonymous said...

Ha! I'm glad you finally "took" the award.

Anonymous said...

I get an award! Usually all I get are herpes! No I don't have herpes....but seriously, does anyone know what cures herpes? Thanks for the award, I love me some Brenda too and I want to have lunch with her and talk to her everyday....but alas talking to her everyday is not possible.

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

I am new here! What a great blog :)

The Over-Thinker said...

I love that you call it P-Farm, J-Dawg :-)

How the HELL are you working a full-time j.o.b., doing the other blog and doing a FOOD blog???? Crikey, woman!

Congrats P-Farmers!!

Brenda said...

This is so cool... i got a blog award with out having a blog! I am super asweome! Thanks Jess, you made me a little misty! Seriously! I am honored to be your older sister... just don't drop your kids off on your way out of town for a 4 week vacation. :)
Love you!
Annika and Jeff... lets do breakfast then come back here and do your feet... we'll just make a day of it. Jess can come and take photos and post them on her blog. Or she can cook us breakfast and post the recipies on the blog... either way we win!!
Call Me!!

annikab said...

OK so I am slow at reading this but I vote for Jess making us breakfast while I get my feet done!! That would be the bomb!!
Love ya girls and Jeff!