Tuesday, November 25, 2008

kool-aid play dough

so here we are, staring down the barrel of a 5-day weekend. five days of no school for my kids. five days of hearing, "iiiiiii'm booooooooorrrred." five days of a messy house because they eat every 20 minutes. because jenna changes clothes three times a day when she is at home.

five days of mom being absolutely nuts. LOL. you know i'm joking (mostly), right?

so tonight, because i'm a cool mom and even though i'd like to hog tie my kids and put them in the freezer for a couple of hours, i chose the high road. the road that, ironically enough, DCFS would also support.

i made play dough. with kool-aid. and i was blessed with hours of quiet play. thank you, god, for giving us kool-aid. however, i haven't forgiven you yet for kool-aid man (oh YEAH!).

so...go make this for your kids. it smells great, and it won't kill them if they eat it. but don't let them eat it, ok?

kool-aid playdough

*1 pkg unsweetened kool-aid, any color, any flavor (we made ice blue raspberry lemonade)
*1/2 c. salt
*3 T oil
*1 C. flour
*1 C. boiling water (microwave it, dude)

mix together the first four ingredients. add the boiling water and stir well. knead the mixture until it becomes a soft dough. i had to add a bit more flour...

oh and a slight disclaimer? this COULD color skin. ours didn't, but we didn't do red, either. my kids are busy using my cookie cutters, the pizza cutter and an assortment of other kitchen utensils for their play dough. jeez. lucky me.


Anonymous said...

ever made salt dough? you can make crap [art] out of it and bake it and paint it... it's fun! for example, you can make little doll faces and use a garlic press to make hair. i have a recipe i will find it and i might actually even give it to you! [ha!]

Anonymous said...

I'm back, i found it ~
on a recipe card that is so old it has turned yellow... anyway.

Salt Dough
2 C boiling water
1 C salt
4 cups flour
knead into a stiff dough.

[insert project here]

let dry at room temp or in a moderate oven. paint and/or spray with any clear finish.

i don't know if you ever noticed that lounge lizard i have in my office, but i made that out of salt dough when T.D. started working in the lab and that was way over 20 years ago...

ElanaJ said...

LOL! DCFS supports...can't stop laughing. I love kool-aid too. (Oh YEAH!)

Connie said...

We made this over the summer. Big Pappa had more fun with it than anyone. Little girl just wanted to eat it.

Have a great weekend!

Stacey Irwin said...

I've heard of salt dough. I have never heard of kool-aid dough! I think I too will take the high road( I feel ya girl. I do.) and make this for them to keep them out of my hair .. ehem.. I mean happy and busy.


Gnightgirl said...

Jess, I've been looking for an email address for you everywhere. Dental surgery today, maybe it's the vicodin, but I can't find it. You commented on my blog, asking if there were avenues to help soldiers with their pets while they're deployed. This link was brought to my attention today.


Hope that's some help.

Oh, and my mother did daycare while we were growing up, and we made playdough all the time. Cream of tartar and lots of salt were crucial ingredients in my mother's recipe.

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

I am new here! What a great blog! ♥ Hugs!