Sunday, January 11, 2009

menu plan review

so last week, i did pretty darn good with the menu plan. thursday was going to be leftovers or oatmeal, but the kids had pizza coupons from school they wanted to use, so we did that instead. thursday also was a really, uber crappy day at work (i'll post details later, when it's all official - but i still have a job and that's all that matters.), so eating out was kind of nice, honestly.

friday was supposed to be frozen pizza, but we ended up have five million things happen on friday night, with both jake and jenna having sleepovers and me having to drive back to logan after work. so we didn't have dinner on friday night. i had some leftover biscuits and a diet mountain dew.

saturday, we decided to take the kids to a movie and to dinner, so i'll make homemade chicken noodle soup THIS coming weekend instead.

overall, i'd say the menu plan was a total success. i didn't have to stress about what to make. and paul will stop at the grocery store on the way home from work almost any morning i ask him to, so if i need an ingredient, he can stop and pick it up. he's also really good at ONLY picking up what i ask for, so it doesn't cost a bunch of extra money.

i'll post this week's plan tomorrow.