Monday, January 5, 2009

menu plan

one thing i'm going to try out this year is menu planning. i've tried this before, and i'm not very good at it, so bear with me.

i'm actually going to try to PLAN out dinner every night for a week. when i can and i have time, i'll link you the recipe i'm going to use.

here's this week's plan:

monday: swift spaghetti i already cooked the hamburger and mixed it with the sauce, so all i have to do is boil the noodles.

tuesday: philly cheesesteak sandwiches

wednesday: spinach salad ( i will post a recipe for this )

thursday: leftovers. or oatmeal. i'm not joking.

friday: frozen pizza

saturday: homemade chicken noodle soup

sunday: texican hash (i got this link from connie...and it looks sooo yummy. she does the whole menu plan thing because she's super organized.)


MacKenzie said...

I couldn't live without my meal plan. I love Thursday's meal. I think people get intimidated by meal plans because they think they can't put down things like cereal.

Anonymous said...

We do a menu plan a month at a time. It works out pretty well. That texican hash sounds real good.

DEBBIE said...

I always try to have a meal plan. I let everyone in the family choose one meal and then I do my grocery list and go at it. Sometimes works. Sometimes I say forget it and have chinese food.. I LOVE THOSE NIGHTS.. *WINK

Care said...

I have menu planned for years. I started out doing a week at a time then it has just grown to the point of having enough recipes to fill up 6 weeks. I hate to grocery shop too. I do a really big trip once a month to get all the pantry items for the whole month then all I have to get once a week is milk products and produce. Menu planning saves time and money and yes there are those night that I also say screw it I don't feel like cooking and we go out.

AMBER said...

I'm not very savy with the whole meal plan either. Do you plan the same things every week? Like every Thursday night are hamburgers? I've planned for the Sundays of every month. I'll have to try the meal plan too.

Connie Weiss said...

I haven't been doing my menu. I am so bored with the diet food that I could scream! I"m looking for healthy recipes.

I hate healthy recipes.

Great job on your menu planning!